Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Sales: SL Style: Part One

Black Friday

"Originals Only sale sponsored by Artist's Voice. Get more information about Artist's Voice at". November 27-30.

(note: slurl in name of store)
- panda shoes and earmuffs. Blood Money dress (150L) and hair piece (40L)
Adore and Abhor

alaMood Boutique
Jewelry: 25% off
alaMood Boutique
LM was wrong on notecard. At least the LM took you to a location that had a large sign to go elsewhere. Could not find the item(s) for sale there, though. Saw the "Black Friday" sign, but not Black Friday items. Everything is 25% off though. Maybe that is it. Right. So it is a percentage off sale rather than the normal 50L Friday.

Alderson & Charron
Furniture store: 25% off (and at least two item 50% off)
Alderson & Charron

Clothing (the Bodyshop and Skins sections do not appear to have anything on sale; though the skins are already only 300L). Some unspecified percentage off. Not all part of sale.

- christmas moonboots, 50% off (so 99L).
Blood Royal

Cad & Tart
- Jewelry 50% off
Cad and Tart

caLLie cLine
Upfront near the Black Sunday sign: Antlers (50L), Black diamond ring (50L), plus other items have tags on them indicating for sale for 50L or 100L.
caLLie cLine

Creative Gardens
Art and clothing. 1 dress is 50L. 1 artwork is 100L
Creative Gardens

CS Fandango
clothing "All Fat packs 50% off". Some other items are 25% off.

To be continued.

Dacob Paine Studios

Dark Mouse


Dragon Charm Deisgns


Dress with Aplomb

+ ezura +






Kittylicious! Shapes

Lag Designs

Locke Coutoure

[Lofty Apsirations Gallery]




-Mystic Sky-


PhotoGraphique Custom Photography

Puarangi Designs Jewelry

Stitch by Stitch


The Curio Shelf - Art & Collectibles

Third Life Books

Third Life Gentleman

Two 2 Dream

Vanitas Vestures

W Winx


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