Wednesday, January 20, 2010

69L Humpday: Week 11: January 20 2010

Blog interrupted by SL kicking me out then not letting me in again. "Despite our best efforts . . ."

69L Wednesday A Bomb My Paper Heart


Audacity -
69L Humpday Audacity Despair honey
69L Humpday Audacity Despair tamale
69L Humpday Audacity Rebekah chili

Callie Cline -
Weekend Fever out. and 69L Humpday item from last week.

~*Crossroad Dreams*~ - (special location this week)
NOTE: The accessories are 69L. The treehouse is 169L. Both textures are in the notecard. While the texture in the notecard for the treehouse has a 169L price on it, many a time there will be a texture with a price other than the day's price (25L/69L/etc, depending on day). Well, treehouse is actually 169L. I did not notice until after I had bought. What with the end price of 69, and the 1 right next to the L. Treehouse is 66 prims.
69L Wednesday Crossroads steampunk treehouse

*Dreams* -
crop sweater
69L Wednesday Dreams cropped top

GL Designs -
69L Wednesday GL Designs store texture Cherry Chapstick
69L Wednesday GL Designs store texture Cherry Chapstick assessories

Grunge Inkorporated
boots (total 146 prims), luck tattoo
69L Wednesday Grunge Inkorporated

wooden necklaces
69L Wednesday Hopscotch wooden ring necklaces

There is an item there but it says that it is for week 9, so I am uncertain if it is the actual item.
69L Wednesday Hyper Culture

all the times I've come here I've never seen a 69L humpday sign in any form. I see a 60L Sunday sign next to the two eye packages that are the same two indicated in the 69L notecard, but no sign for 69L Wednesday. Texture for the same eye sets are included in the Week 7, 8, 10 69L Wednesday notecards (Ranika is in Week 4). The eyes are 42L each, singlely, 60L for the set (60L for Ranika set, 60L for Ienex set).
69L Wednesday IC Skins Ranika eyes rust bigger
sample Ranika eyes

69L Wednesday IC Skins Ienex eyes raspberry
sample Ienex eyes

69L Wednesday Ilaya

La Petite Morte

Mango, Mango!
sim offline

Moonshine Designs
shirts - 3 colors
69L Wednesday Moonshine Designs

Peer Poses
guy poses (3), girl poses (3), couple pose (1 - called 'stay')
69L Wednesday Peer Poses showoff
69L Wednesday Peer Poses Back Down
69L Wednesday Peer Poses yeah so
69L Wednesday Peer Poses out of the way
69L Wednesday Peer Poses tough bitch
69L Wednesday Peer Poses what

Sinful Pleasures - did not see the item anywhere

Stellar by Lexi Morgan
Jersey Girl
69L Wednesday Stellar Jersey Girl

Tree House Treasures
cloud - 8 prims
69L Wednesday Tree House Treasures cloud pillows

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