Saturday, March 13, 2010

Clothing Fair 2010: Melbourne Sim

Melbourne sim March 13 2010 001

Melbourne sim March 13 2010 002

Melbourne sim March 13 2010 003

Sponsor: Lapointe&BastChild

Built by:
Viscount Menatep of Viscount Menatep Architecture
Paul LaPointe and Bastchild Lotus of Lapointe&BastChild

Melbourne Relay Designers Showcase building.

Store list:
Lapointe&BastChild (I didn't actually see a stall/store set up for Lapointe)

female clothing
Clothing fair gift. Four donated clothing items. All dresses.

fancy gowns and jewelry

Evie's Closet
female clothing, fancy gowns and fantasy
free gift. 6 donated items. 2 fairy items (same (correction, the transfer/mod one is labeled "sized for a child avatar"), one has transfer/mod; other has copy/mod permissions); 3 other dresses; one jewelry item.

EBT (Emotional Blackmail Threads)
male and female clothing.
unisex demon tattoo, messenger bag, stalker outfit with jacket, pants and boots, 5 tank tops in one package are the four items in the RFL donation boxes.

urban gritty kind of look (well, the stalker outfits look slick), eyes.

male and female clothing
boots (male and female versions) and vest pants outfit (male and female versions) make up the four in the RFL vendors

Suki's Silken Fashions
fantasy, male and female clothing
hmm. I only see one gown in a RFL donation box. might be overlooking the other 3 donated items.

Adored Clothing and Hair
black minidress with jewelry, black with white bow short dress, flowery long gown (which also includes short skirt) with necklace and bracelet, Alice maid like outfit with shoes and hair make up the items in the RFL donatino boxes.

Sparkle Skye Designs
fantasy, gowns, jewelry, female clothing.
1 purple flowery flip flogs, one flowery purple bikini, 1 beach bag and hat (purple), and 1 purple gown round out the items in the RFL donation boxes

Nyte n Day
hehe - I was all excited after seeing three gift like boxes out. But . . none of them are gift boxes.
pink jacket (underwear in picture not part of package), pink minidress, pink gown, pink tube top and long shorts make up the items in the RFL Donation boxes.

contemporary modern look.

2 silks, 2 gowns in the donation boxes. Silks and gowns, female clothing.

A rather neat little display. flowers, grass, rocks. Quite beautiful. It is also the type of display that might cause issues later. When the sim is packed. Not sure if that will really be the case or not though :)

A mixture of gowns and silks.

Mer-Elf Creations
2 gown like dresses, 1 pixie like dress (2 wings, 1 shape, 17 pieces total), 1 mermaid outfit (with shape and 3 tail fins, 4 tops, various fins, 17 pieces total) in the RFL donation boxes


Lost Dreams DEsigns
They might not be finished setting up yet. I only see one item out in a RFL donation box. A green gown.

Naughty N Nice
1 minidress, 1 dress, 2 pants outfits (pants and top; one of which has a cape)

Luck INC
cashmere top longsleaves, 2 ruffled miniskirts and 1 minidress make up the four items in the RFL donation boxes.

4 babydoll dresses in the RFL donation boxes

leather and latex items

gift. 4 dresses in the RFL donation boxes

Coconut Ice
female clothing
I do not see a free gift. 5 items up in donation vending machines. all have pink in them. 3 fancy gowns, 1 short pink dress, 1 combo long/short dress combo pink and black looks like a pink flower upside down

female clothing
swag bag. 8 items in the RFL machines. 6 skins, 2 dresses.

free gift. 4 dresses donated. 1 blue silk and lace dress, 1 brown retro cocktail dress with semitransparent skirt, 1 white gown, 1 purple velvet dress make up the 4 donated dresses.

fancy gowns, female clothing

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