Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daily Deals pickups and notes for Saturday

Unless otherwise noted:
body: own creation
Eyes: Hoot Smolder Eyes deep sea
hair: Kiwi Zoe hair chestnut
Skin: TheAbyss Abbie Cole tan pumpkin patch

Super-Bargin Saturday

Lou Lou

Super Bargin Saturday Lou Lou and MPS May 15 2010
nipple tape from Lou Lou; tutu from My Pinkie Skull

My Pinkie Skull

see above picture

Sexy Green Top and Worn Leggings

Superbargin Saturday Nina May 15 2010

Eyes: Bodyline gen2 lavender
glasses: PrimOptic Finesse freebie glasses
hair: Kiwi Zoe hair Chestnut
Skin: TheAbyss Ama garjus dusk vixen

Tik Tok
Super Bargin Saturday Tik Tok Anya Skin May 15 2010 0001

big floaty bubbles
Super Bargin Saturday Tweedle May 15 2010
Project Themeory Tweedle May 15 2010

30L Saturday
Judging by the stores involved, it seems 25L Tuesday is expanding to 30L Saturday.

Ania's Arsenal
30L Saturday Ania's Arsenal May 15 2010

Feral Designs
Wall Flower basic brown leather
30L Saturday Feral Designs Basic Leather Camisk May 15 2010

May's Soul
feral silks outfit
30L Saturday May's Soul Feral silk May 15 2010

Mystic Creations
30L Saturday Mystic Creations blue red silk May 15 2010

Painfully Divine
lounging pillows (5 prims)
30L Saturday Painfully Divine May 15 2010

Pha-tanith top
30L Saturday Pixelheart top May 15 2010

silks and vintage dress
30L Saturday Ripped May 15 2010

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