Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Pickups: April 16 2011

D&T Design
30L Bronze
30L Saturday DandT Designs Bronze April 16 2011

60L: Xanya
60L Eluzion Xanya April 16 2011

Silken Desires
30L deka (wore and took picture, but it also disappeared - this time right off my body, and from inventory)
30L Saturday Silk Desires Deka April 16 2011

30L dagger (no picture as it was packaged in a no copy container and it disappeared when attempt to rez)

30L skybreeze plumes
30L Saturday Silk Desires skybreeze plumes April 16 2011

Una and Luas
30L sura red
30L Saturday Una and Luas sura red April 16 2011

eyes: Plastik vaecollection
Hair: Exile Sarah/whiskey mix
Skin: Curio Bean Yum 2 Brown Betty 2

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