Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Pickups: 30L Saturday: July 17 2010

Black Cat Bones
30L Saturday Black Cat Bones July 17 2010

Carnal Sins
Kajira Butterfly
30L Saturday Carnal Sins July 17 2010
unfortunately the skirt is getting into alpha conflict with itself

Carson's Corner
bathhouse and furniture
30L Saturday Carson's Corner Bathhouse inside with additions July 17 2010
30L Saturday Carson's Corner Bathhouse July 17 2010

Master's Heart
Smooth Ivory
30L Saturday Master's Heart Smooth Ivory July 17 2010

May's Soul
30L Saturday May's Soul Forest July 17 2010

SL died before could get picture of other outfit

Riverdog Trading Company
Suzi's silks
30L Saturday Riverdog Trading Company Suzi Silks midnight July 17 2010

Silken Desires
30L Nights Copper
30L Saturday Silken Desires Nights Copper July 17 2010

cupcake prize - Danger fawn
30L Saturday Silken Desires Danger Fawn July 17 2010

Silk Worms
30L Saturday Silk Worms Shelly July 17 2010

Unless otherwise specified:
Eyes: The Plastik Frozen Soul blue
Hair: Shag Nymph Coffee
Shape: my creation
Skin: YS&YS Halle Glow

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