Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday Pickups: July 30 2010

Annabella's Song
Steals and Deals: Love Bug
Steals and Deals Annabella's Song Love Bug July 30 2010

Steals and Deals: Sadie
Steals and Deals Charisma Sadie July 30 2010

Rag Dollz
Steals and Deals: Boogie Woogie Soldier Girl
Steals and Deals Rag Dollz Boogie Woogie July 30 2010

The Sacred Roze
40L Saturday: Gypsy

Low of Week: Sexy Lace
Well, Flickr is acting stupidly. If I leave a picture unrestricted they will ban me, if I mark it restricted they won't let me share it elsewhere. So . . a link.

Steals and Deals: Cutest Little Sweater Set
Steals and Deals Sassy Sweater July 30 2010

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