Sunday, January 9, 2011

52 Week Color Challenge: Weeks 1-11

Week 1: Gray
Color challenges gray December 30 2010
Eyes: Exodi Lily Old Hollywood
Hair: DK Dae Granny
Outfit: ETD Sleep shorts and top & Arsenic Lace gray striped socks
Skin: Exodi Lily Old Hollywood - Clay

Week 2: Blue
Color Challenge Blue December 20 2010
Eyes: Joe's Ink Flower Power light blue
Hair: Truth Farrah blueberry
Outfit: DNR Snowflake long dress in blue
Skin: A&M Fantasia blue

Week 3: Goldenrod
Color Challenge Goldenrod December 20 2010
Eyes: Free Speerit gold
Hair: 69 still goldenblonde
Outfit: Last Call Reina Goldenrod
Skin: Popfuzz gold - gold

Week 4: Plum
Color Challenge Plum December 30 2010
Eyes: FB Crystal Eyes 7 Plum
Hair: Exile Huntress plum
Dress: Blaze Lush Silk Mauve
Shoes: SM Essential Plum
Skin: Exodi Old Hollywood Antique

Week 5: Sepia
Color Challenge Sepia December 30 2010
Eyes: Ina Centaur 2008 Sepia
Hair: Audacity Peace on Earth 2008 Imagine Sepia
Dress: Sassy Kitty Baby Got Back mini
Shoes: ABomb ankle boots
Skin: Exodi Old Hollywood Sepia

Week 6: Yellow
Color Challenge Yellow December 30 2010
Grendal's Children: Macaw

Week 7: Cerise
52 week challenge Cerise Week 7 taken on January 9 2011
Eyes: FB Crystal Eyes 05 blackcherry (large)
Hair: Pocket Mirrors Sonia Updo Cherry
Outfit: Baiastice Veronica dress cerise & A-Bomb Ingrid boots red
Skin: YS&YS Ahsanti Glow for TDR (with Exodi hairbase - red)

Week 8: Green
52 week color challenge green week 8 taken on January 9 2011 2
Eyes: Sn@tch Kali Bhadra Eyes (Green)
Hair: TSM KHEPRI Green Shine/black
Outfit: LVS&CO Ocean Day Mermaid Green (and Malaika Mermaid AO III)
Skin: Sn@tch Kali Bhadra Skin (Green)

Week 9: Silver
52 week color challenge silver week 9 taken on January 9 2011
Eyes: Ina Centaur 2008 - Silver
Hair: Truth - Tilly - Silver
Outfit: Zara Moksh Black silver corset; PurpleMoon Holly in Silver dress
Skin: YS&YS Halle 04 Glitsilver (& :HS: Silver Hair Base)

Week 10: Sienna
52 week color challenge sienna week 10 taken on January 9 2011
Eyes: The Body Politik Light Brown
Hair: DK Effie Sienna
Outfit: Last Call Vidale
Skin: Exodi Sienna Soleil Pretty Pretty Princess

red sienna

Week 11: Indigo
52 week color challenge indigo week 11 taken on January 9 2011
Eyes: Sin Skins - Intense II - Dark Indigo
Hair: Mirada - Linesey - Indigo
Mustache: Bryce - Stache - Roosevelt - Indigo
Outfit: Jeans: Zara Jeans Jewelled - Indigo
Outfit: Shirt: Pixeldolls - Sheer Linen Top - Heart Print - Indigo
Outfit: Shirt: Haven Designs - Heart of the Tribe - Indigo
Skin: LF Chai - Nutmeg - Indigo

Week 11 is actually next week, but the billion variations of each color has defeated me (ie, I did light Sienna, everyone else seems to have done dark sienna, etc. or maybe I just did light brown; at this point all the colors are blurring and confusing - I should note that weeks 1-6 were done at the end of December - so it isn't a case of doing all of them at same time (Cerise is another one that caused annoyance - all my cerise hair is pink; my outfit labeled cerise was bright red; looking around Cerise seemed to be redish pink or pinkish red; mmphs)

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