Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red or Dead Hunt: Halloween Sim

4 Sim hunt: Dec. 1 – 31, 2009:
Halloween Sim
Dominion Femdom
Dominion Fashion
Vinyl Cafe

Looking for a red santa hat.

Prizes in the Halloween Sim:
MB CreationZ prize - 23 prims (the hunt prize is that 23 prim object) Plays bells, very briefly, when touched.
Red or Dead hunt MB-CreationZ prize

Mindshift - Two blue proposal hearts that you hold in your hands. One causes you to kneel, one has you standing up straight.
Red or Dead hunt Mindshift Blue Proposal Hearts

SLC - Santa Girl 2009 outfit (full length skirt; short skirt, and lingerie versions)
Red or Dead hunt SLC Santa Girl 2009

TrendStyle Go Out Pink
Red or Dead hunt TrendStyle Go Out Pink

::C&P:: Medium Gold Snowflake Cupcake (13 prim cupcake)
Red or Dead hunt C&P Medium Gold Snowflake Cupcake

Daydreamz - 5 prim candy canes, 9 prim holiday sign (6 greetings), 1 santa hat, 3 prim holiday stars, and 1 wreath (25 prims)
Red or Dead hunt DayDreamz

CL Vampire Xmas Tree - small (9 prim)
Red or Dead hunt CL Vampire Xmas Tree

Smooth Designs - 2 male santa outfits, 2 female santa outfits
Red or Dead hunt Smooth Designs Male santa outfits
Red or Dead hunt Smooth Designs female santa outfits

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