Monday, June 21, 2010

Some Hunt Prizes

Unless otherwise noted:
hair: HC Hair Salon Gemma Auburn
shape: own creation
skin: Exodi Lily v2 Nuit Friday (DK)

Geekgasm Hunt
June 20-July 1
Hint List

50 store hunt




#04: LouLou&Co
Geekgasm 04 LouLou and co necklace

#05: DuckNipple
green jammie
Geekgasm 05 Ducknipple green jammie

#06: A-Bomb
lunchbox and two tanks
Geekgasm 06 ABomb tank and lunchbox

#07: Pig
Geekgasm 07 Pig sweater

#08: aRAWRa
Power shirt, iPhone app shirt, iPhone you had me at shirt
Geekgasm 08 aRAWRa power shirt

#09: Harry's House
male and female beer bikes
Geekgasm 09 Harrys beer bike

#10: Area Code
lean on me poses
Geekgasm 10 Area code poses

#11: Brown Chicken Brown Cow

#12: Posh
I love nerds/geeks tanks
Geekgasm 12 Posh tanks

#14: Intrigue
Geekgasm 13 Intrigue hat

#15: Avatar Bizarre
Dr. Who hat and scarf
Geekgasm 15 Avatar Bizarre Dr Who hat and scarf

#16: Bomb!
Geekgasm 16 Bomb skins

#17: Mynerva
shape, skin, eyes, eyelashes, tatts
Geekgasm 17 Mynerva
Geekgasm 17 Mynerva 2

#18: [Face]
skin, poses, lightsaber
Geekgasm 18 Face skin lightsaber and poses

#19: III

#20: Iced
Geekgasm 20 Iced necklace

#21: Relentless Couture
Tetris minidress
Geekgasm 21 Relentless Couture Tetris mini

#22: Black and blue
Geekgasm 22 Black and blue tank

#23: Fab Pony
glasses and shirt
Geekgasm 23 Fab Pony glasses and shirt

#36: The Sea Hole
Geekgasm 36 Sea Hole shirts

Highest Bidder
#47: Old Dirty Bastard
Highest Bidder 47 Old Dirty Bastard bikini

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