Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Pickups Sunday: April 17 2011

Asteria Creations
Steals and Deals: 60L edenflower bikini suit
Asteria Creations Steals and Deals Edenflower suit black April 17 2011

60L Weekend: Jade outfit red
Asteria Creations 60L weekend Jade Outfit Red April 17 2011

Ceriano Designs
Lucky chair: Peek a boo cherry
Ceriano Designs Lucky chair prize April 17 2011

Steals and Deals: 69L Corset Dress Tree 1
Electric Steals and Deals Corest Dress Tree 1 April 17 2011

Silken Desires
Midnight Mania: luscious grass
Silken Desires midnight Mania Luscious Grass April 17 2011

Midnight mania: Key Lime
Silken Desires midnight Mania key lime April 17 2011

eyes: Plastik vaecollection
Hair: Exile Sarah/whiskey mix
Skin: Curio Bean Yum 2 Brown Betty 2

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