Tuesday, December 15, 2009

25L Tuesday: December 15 2009 (week 12)

41 locations

Ahava Star
LM seemed to not work

~Armar en Kat~ and Northtree Wares
candles and table and . . . I think that's a scarf

Arachne Silks


nun's habit; steampunk goggles; keg on the go; belt; sack of books
25L Bombard

Burning Embers
4 items. 3 pairs of shoes and 1 camisk

Chained Heat
silks (seduction)
25L Chained Heat

5 outfits (at least one a repeat that I almost bought again)

Destruction and Degration
LM not working

2 outfits.
25L Fantasia

Feral designs
25L Feral Designs hair

Forgotten Earth Design
not found

Free Woman Finds
5 items; rugs, baby cribs, dress

The Great Serve (adult)
bathing tub
25L Tuesday The Great Serve bathing tub

1 camisk, 1 silks outfit
25L Gutterpup

2 tops, 1 bottom
25L Haven Designs

Ignacia's Agora
dishes, pillows
25L Ignacia's Agora

5 items; 3 outfits, 1 fish, 1 belt
25L Tuesday Impulse Lady Fall Mud
25L Tuesday Impulse Tavern Wench

Inara's Fantasy Couture
item for sale not found

J and B Designs
2 dress
25L JB Designs Holiday 2009
25L Tuesday JB Kirtle Blue

Little Tasta
5 items; photo session; man outfit; female outfit; bracelet; shape

On a Lark
backback; boots; note sword; male silk; plaid silks

Painfully Diving (adult)
5 items
25L Painfully divine

5 items.1 male outfit, 1 female outfit, 1 watering plants thingie, 1 build snowman thingie, 1 Amphora dance thingie
25L Tuesday Roawenwood Naughty bits camisk

Rustic (PG)
nothing seems to be set up for sale for 25L

5 items; 1 male kilt; 2 female outfits; 1 belt and headband; 1 feather

Silk Worms
silks, collar
25L Tuesday Silk Worms Blood Moon
25L Tuesday Silk Worms Floss
25L Tuesday Silk Worms Haze
25L Tuesday Silk Worms Hooked

Smashin Fashion
not found/or not rezzing

winter outfit
25L Tuesday Spellbound Winters Come

Torvalds Forge
slave box
25L Torvalds Forge Slave Box

Torvaldsland Treasures
5 outfits
25L Torvaldsland Treasures

Trashy Designs
5 outfits
25L Trashy Designs Ombre
25L Trashy Designs Angel
25L Tuesday Trashy Designs Holiday
25L Trashy Designs Snowflake

not found

Tyranny Designs
Raspberry sorbet sweet sunday gown
25L Tuesday Haven Bailey's Sweet Sunday Gown rasberry sorbet

4 outfits
25L Tuesday Whatz black beauty 2
25L Tuesday Whatz pirate wench
25L Tuesday Whatz with yasmin

WiLdFiRe Designs (adult)
3 items. Christmas tree; jingling santa sack (65 prims); table with Christmas cookies (15 prims)
25L Wildfire Designs Jingling santa sack
25L Wildfire Designs Christmas Cookies table
25L Wildfire Designs Christmas tree

Wild Talender (adult)
5 items
25L Tuesday Wild Talender Icy Camisk Violet

Worlds Apart (adult)
5 items
25L Tuesday Worlds Apart Corset Laced Camisk

Yellow Brick Road
crates/barrel/animated poses (six positions)
25L Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Rose
Snowy log cabin (that was out before); stone pavillion (39 prim); lounging around log (13 prims), pillows
25L Yellow rose designs

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