Monday, December 28, 2009

Hunt: Changing Rooms Gift Hunt

Hunt: Changing Rooms 1 sim hunt
Location: Changing Rooms
Ends: December 28 2009 Midnight SL time (officially, unofficially lasts "a bit longer than that")

Location write-up and hunt information:
"Changing Rooms is a place in Second Life where anyone can visit. They can open boxes, and try on their new clothes, hair, shoes, etc. in privacy.

We sell nothing and do not even put out a tip jar. My philosophy is to help people in Second Life - whether they have nowhere else to go, or simply find the place convenient.

For Christmas, some excellent Second Life vendors have donated gift items for Changing Rooms' first ever gift hunt. Below is a landmark. Feel free to stop by. The signs on the land explain the hunt. But basically, the items are all outdoors or in Santa's house."

Gifts: Christmas trees and wreaths; Christmas gown; men's hair; bears; Poinsettia; baby stroller; men's neckties and scarves; Christmas Snowmen and decorations; 2 cakes; 3 furniture sets

Hunt sign:
Changing Rooms hunt

Changing Rooms hunt 2

Changing Rooms hunt 3


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