Wednesday, December 9, 2009

50L Friday: Week 19

5th & Oxford
Outfit (halter, sculpt belt, skirt)
50L Friday 5th and Oxford Rebel outfit

50L Friday Artilleri Elspeth cardigan snowflake

And note: 50% off sale rest of store until tomorrow the 12th.

Casa Del Shai
red boots (other two versions are 400L each)
50L Friday Shai Lizard boots red

50L Friday Deco glasses

L. Fauna
Skin. With built in lingerie.
50L Friday L Fauna skin with built in bodysuit

This is Fawn
Deep V neck dress; Scoop back tank
50L Friday Fawn Scoop Back Tank
50L Friday Fawn V Neck dress

50L Friday HooT Yuletide Eyes blue green
50L Friday HooT Yuletide Eyes blue50L Friday HooT Yuletide Eyes brown50L Friday HooT Yuletide Eyes gray50L Friday HooT Yuletide Eyes violet
hair; Witch powder; mango
50L Friday Lamp Witch hair mango

not found

Penny Dreadful Arcade
3 different pose sets
50L Friday PDA by esme
50L Friday PDA woody allen by sam
50L Friday PDA by izzy

Purple and/or yellow (butter) ascots
50L Friday Pig Ascots

cat mask; deep v vest (red or green)
50L Friday Schadenfreude black cat mask
50L Friday Schadenfreude cranberry deep v vest
50L Friday Schadenfreude evergreen deep v vest

Split Pea
Holiday moose mask
50L Friday split pea holiday masks

Tres Blah

Turquoise Unicorn Studios
eyes (half-cut eyes)
50L Friday Turquoise Unicorn Studios half cut dusk

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