Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25L Tuesday: Week 13

Christmas Camisks (red and green)
25L Tuesday Catalyst Red Christmas Camisk
25L Tuesday Catalyst Green Christmas Camisk

The Great Serve
simple bed (16 prims)

green christmasy Holiday cheer dress
25L Tuesday Haven Design Holiday Cheer

Winter Wooly
25L Tuesday Impulse Winter Wooly

Silk Worms
Shibari girl rope
25L Tuesday Silk Worms Shibari hooked

not found

Tyranny Designs
Full outfit plus skin
25L Tuesday Tyranny Designs holiday

WildFire Designs
butter churn
25L Tuesday Wildfire Designs Butter Churn L

Yellow Brick Road
Holiday pillow
25L Tuesday Yellow Brick Road pillow

Yellow Rose Designs
4 prim garden tree25L Tuesday Yellow Rose 4 prim garden tree

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