Monday, January 4, 2010

25L Tuesday: January 5 2010

Ancient Inspirations
slave pelt
25L Tuesday Ancient Inspirations Slave Pelt

Burning Embers
(note: the parcel says "nothing over 300L") Gown Solstice Gold
25 Burning Embers Gown Solstice Gold

The Great Serve (Adult)
Tavern Ice Cool down (24 prims)
25L The Great Serve Tavern Cool Down

8 different colors of a clothing item called "Roped Slut"; 4 differnt colors of a clothing item called "Snuggle me"; 25L each
25L Tuesday Impulse Roped Slut Red
25L Tuesday Impulse Snuggle me Blue

25L Roawenwood scrubbing laundry chore and camisk bluesy
25L Roawendwood In Stitches Camisk bluesy

Rustic (PG)
Chest with books (30 prims)
25L Tuesday Rustic desk with books

25L Tuesday Whatz needs a name

WiLdFiRe Designs (Adult)
blackberry picking
25L Tuesday Wildfire Designs Blackberry Picking Chore

Worlds Apart (Adult)
Winter Camisk
25L Tuesday Worlds Apart Winter Camisk

Yellow Brick Road
barrel of ale and a lantern

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