Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend Fever: Weekend 11

color of the week: lime

alaMood Boutique
LM in notecard does not work
Update Saturday: LM in notecard still not working. Mainstore, though, has a Weekend Fever item.
Toxi Lime jewelry
50L Weekend Fever alaMood Boutique

Jacket; there is also something called "Super Saturday Bargin" on the same wall the Weekend Fever item is on. 2 items: ear, tails. both 50L
50L Weekend Fever A&M jacket

sign up, item not out yet
Update Saturday: Sign up, item still not out

Callie Cline (PG)
not found (humpday item still out, though)
Update Saturday: Item still not out

not found (have to do a bit of walking to find it; LM places you at one entrance, item is at a different entrance)
50L Weekend Fever Chantkare

Donna Flora
two dresses
50L Weekend Fever Donna Flora
50L Weekend Fever Donna Flora Lorena Sky

lime earrings
50L Weekend Fever Glow Lime earrings

Just my Imagination
either not there or the yellow bed selling for 50L is the item.
50L Weekend Fever Just My Imagination yellow bed

Update Saturday: 4 furniture items. Bed above is not one of them, though it is still out and 50L; there is also a free gift under the Christmas tree
side table, sofa, lime table with chairs, lemon table with chairs
50L Weekend Fever Just my Imagination lemon table with chairs
50L Weekend Fever Just my Imagination table and sidetable
50L Weekend Fever Just my Imagination sofa

free gifties
Just My Imagination armchair and footrest gift
Just My Imagination ballerina shoes gift

lime scarf; boots; eyes; hat with hair (hat is lime, not hair); jacket; dress; coat;
50L Weekend Fever Kiwi raincoat
50L Weekend Fever Kiwi boots and scarf
50L Weekend Fever Kiwi eyes
50L Weekend Fever Kiwi dress, shirt, outfit
50L Weekend Fever Kiwi babydoll
50L Weekend Fever Kiwi Eve hair rust

lime sweater
50L Weekend Fever Line Sweater

Mimi's Choice (PG)
not out yet. Will be tomorrow.
50L Weekend Fever Mimi's Choice san gallo lime

Sassy Kitty Designs
nothing found
Update Saturday: Sim down or not accessible

SK Designs
lime leggings; sLime WF bodysuit
50L Weekend Fever SK Designs sLime bodysuit
50L Weekend Fever SK Designs lime leggings

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