Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A tail of Lucky Chairs and Midnight Madness; or some pictures of same

Lucky Chair:
Catalyst Simple Veil 3
Lucky Chair Catalyst Simple Veil 3

GutterPup Buickled Livery (more of a lucky cupcake)
Lucky Chair GutterPup Buickled Livery

Impulse Pavillion (more of a lucky touch board)
Lucky Chair Impulse Pavillion

Paradisis The Student top green
Lucky Chair Paradisis The Student top green

The Student tarten red
Lucky Chair Paradisis Sweet'n'cute top and The Student tarten red

Sweet'n'Cute top
*see above picture*

Worlds Apart: Yellow Sunflower
Lucky Chair Worlds Apart Sunflower Yellow

Midnight Madness
Amaris Design: Xia Princess Cheongsam
Midnight Madness Amaris Designs Xia Princess Cheongsam

Haven Designs Wet Shirt 0809 Camisk Week
Midnight Madness Haven Designs Wet Shirt 0809 Camisk Week

Paradisis: Streets Girl in Red
Midnight Madness Paradisis Streets Girl in Red

Worlds Apart She-urt tattered
Midnight Madness Worlds Apart She-urt tattered

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