Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend Fever: January 8 2010: Week 10

Week color: cyan

Abstract Reality Designs
looks like the dress from last weekend, but I could be wrong (though it looks like the same dress, and is not cyan in color)

Acid and Mala
50L Weekend Fever Acid and Mala Up Down Socks

Male and female (dress) items
50L Weekend Fever Champagne dress
50L Weekend Fever Champagne men's outfit

skin (three shades)
50L Weekend Fever Clinic skin

shape; poses
50L Weekend Fever Dismorph shape
50L Weekend Fever Dismorph poses

item not found (I'm beginning to think I got the notecard too early)

Holli Pocket
2 items: Hello Kitty top; skirt
50L Weekend Fever Holli Pocket Hello Kitty top

sign up, item not found

Jador Fashion
item not found (this time because I had no idea where I was supposed to be looking)

sign up, no item found

shoes; also in 60L Sunday
50L Weekend Fever PB Cyan Flowers shoes

Pocket Mirrors
hair, eyes; 3 items there - one is for the 60L Sunday version of this sale thingie
50L Weekend Fever Pocket Mirrors Hilda updo
50L Weekend Fever Pocket Mirrors eyes

baseball tee
Kyrsten of rbcg wearing the 50L Weekend Fever baseball tee

Slash Me
5 poses
50L Weekend Fever Slash Me

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