Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2 2011: Tone Uriza

Tone Uriza
Great Blues voice

.. traditional and contemporary blues ... in Second Life since February 2007
Live Music with Tone Uriza at Living Room #13 on February 2 2011
From: USA: Arizona: Tucson

Songs: Arrived in middle of one song, and his second one indicated both were originals. Nice change of pace. I believe all the other shows I saw and . . blogged were covers. Hmm. He wrote the second song in five minutes. Good interaction with crowd, though there are some dead air spots.


Youtube stream:


Song List: hmm. He describes himself as a cover artist who also writes his own songs. Yet I do not see a song list.
There is a track list though, and some songs listed on various websites.

Bad Juju - Track List

1 - Bad Juju
2 - Nothing Or Half The Cure
3 - TFQ (The French Quarter)
4 - Some Kind Of Wonderful
5 - 200 Pounds (Of Heavenly Joy)
6 - Silhouette
7 - My Babe
8 - How I Feel
9 - Gimme' My Broom
10 - Damn Your Eyes

See again? Yes
Recommend? Yes
Vague rating:
song choice: Originals . . . and . . originals. I think it was all originals.
Entertainment: 9/10
Instrument: Guitar: 9.8/10
Voice: 8/10

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