Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music: February 8 2011: Matthew Perreault

Matthew Perreault
Good Folk voice

"Acoustic pop from the nerd lunchtable, mixed with quirky country, literate rock, and sad bastard weepies"

Live Music with Matthew Perreault at Guthries Folk Club on February 8 2011

From: USA: Texas

Songs: Arrived half hour into show to find a song about a guy who will kill himself unless she will love him, or something like that. "If I had a pony I'd ride him on my boat . . ." - second song heard. Somewhat silly songs. Odd, silly songs. Ok, this is kind of freaky. I can watch the current singer live in SL and in RL. He has a live video stream of him playing in RL.

Schedule: http://www.thematthewshow.com/calendar.html




Stream: http://apps.facebook.com/streamjam/
Stream with video: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-matthew-show-live

Song List:

See again? yes
Recommend? yes
Vague rating:
song choice: I saw him at Guthries Folk Club - and the songs seemed to be in that genre.
Entertainment: 8.2/10
Voice: 7.8/10

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