Monday, February 14, 2011

Music: February 14 2011: Iriskaye Siamendes

Iriskaye Siamendes

Display Name: Iris Kaye McKee

Live Music with Iriskaye Siamendes at Palazzo Celestiale Live Venue on February 14 2011

From: USA: Kentucky

Songs: Arrived about 20 minutes into the show. Appears to be talented enough, though there's a vibration or echo or something in microphone. That microphone issue does not seem to be there when she is talking. Also, either my headphones, or the stream - but the music kept cutting in and out on me.

Schedule: ?

Website: ?

Stream: ?

Song List: ?

See again? probably
Recommend? from what I could hear over the connection issues, she seemed good
Vague rating:
song choice:
Entertainment: 7.5/10
Voice: 8/10

Ratings directly impacted by the sound issues. It is unfortunate.

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