Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music: February 13 2011: Bill1465 Tigerpaw

Bill1465 Tigerpaw
Interesting cracking voice

from bio notecard: "His songs revolve around the sounds of Elvis, Neil Diamond, Oasis, and theBeatles."

Live Music with Bill1465 Tigerpaw at Kickin Club Live on February 13 2011

From: UK?

Songs: Arrived in the middle of an odd silly song, about 30 minutes into the concert. Not really my taste, but eh, I stick around. Second song I heard sounded Elvis-ish with added voice crackling. The interrupting song more irritating this time than some. I did like that one song where his voice wasn't breaking and cracking ("green green grass of home"). Then the next song didn't have that cracking voice. mmphs. how to rate when I learn after the fact that he was performing while ill. Probably should give benefit of doubt and try to catch him again later to rate. Wait, there's the cracking. hehe. I think that is more the style rather than illness related.


Website: ?

Stream: ?

Song List:
rock & roll set
1) marie (blondie)
2) summertime blues (eddie cochran)
3) music to watch the girls walk by
4) she got the look (roxcette)
5) 20 flighte rock! ( eddie cochran)
6) peggy sue
7) maybe baby (buddy holly)
8) heartbeat (buddy holly)
9) rhinestone cowboy (glen campbel) 10) up on the roof 11) heart off glass ( blondie) 12) i want some hot stuff( donna summer) 13) that be the day ( buddy holly) 14) guitar man ( elvis presley) 15) ring off fire 16 cracklin rose (neil diamond) 17) wicked game (chris isack) 18) these boots are made for walking 19) white sport coat pink carnation 20) jonnie B good

1) when you were sweet sixteen
2) i will remember you
3) theres a kind off hush all over the world
4) if tomorrow never comes (gareth brooks)
5) every body loves some body some time
6) this time you gave me a mountain
7) home (michele bubble)
8) lost (michele bubble)
9) dream lover (bobby darin) 10) your my everything ( michele bubble) 11) love is in the air 12) my girl 13) three steps to heaven (eddie cochran) 14) are you lonesome tonite 15) save the last dance for me 16) sweet caroline 17) its only words 18) tears in heaven (eric clapton) 19) heaven( brian adams) 20) remember when (alan jackson)

See again? probably not
Recommend? probably not
Vague rating:
song choice:
Entertainment: 5/10
Voice: 5/10

He obviously has talent, and I've heard his type of voice coming out at me from professional venues, but it isn't really the type I enjoy. The entertainment was somewhat lessoned from the constant interruptions during the middle of the songs, and the willie talk. heh. Ah dang. I'll probably have to catch him again, then. Right after I posted my little notes for myself I heard him mention that he probably would not stick around to catch the next singer as he is ill. So . . . I'm rating him while he is sick. mmphs.

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