Monday, February 14, 2011

Music: February 14 2011: Ande Foggarty

Ande Foggarty
Interesting Voice, good guitar player

Live Music with Ande Foggarty at Guthries Folk Club on February 14 2011
sim: 27; venue: Guthries Folk Club

From: USA: Kentucky

Songs: Arrived to some odd train sounds. Second song started. Interesting guitar work. Talking. Curious if there will be singing. heh. Ah, singing. hmm. Well, different from the norm. Kind of sounds like a leprechaun. hehe, then interrupted by telephone.

Another song started. hmm. moaning. Kind of creepy over a phone, or as part of a song. heh. hmm. At one point he decided to pretend to be a bird. odd. A lot of good guitar playing, but he seems to get bored with singing and starts talking, or pretending to be a bird, or something.


youtube channel:

Song List: ?

See again? sure
Recommend? probably
Vague rating: 8.2/10
song choice: folk, silly
Entertainment: 7/10
Instrument: Guitar: 9/10
Voice: 8.6/10

He has a good voice and guitar, but the constant breaking away from song to talk, or pretend to be a bird or what-have-you, lowers entertainment rating.

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