Thursday, February 17, 2011

Music: February 17 2011: Bluemonk Rau

Bluemonk Rau
Great piano work

Live Music with Bluemonk Rau at Woodstock on February 17 2011
sim: 15 in sim; venue: Woodstock

From: USA: Texas: Austin

Songs: Arrived about 5 minutes in. Started looking again in live events as it didn't seem to be my type of music, but as I was looking my feet started wiggling to the music and so I stuck around. Quite interesting, good piano work. Voice somewhat works for the genre, but really rough. Liked the fever song.

Not sure how it would impact the songs/ratings, etc., but I was at an "Unplugged" show.



Stream: ?

Song List: ?

See again? sure
Recommend? probably
Vague rating: 8.0
song choice:
Entertainment: 8.5/10
Instrument: Piano/keyboard: 9.5/10
Voice: 6/10

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