Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Pickups: 55L Thursday

55L Thursday: Ema's Red Drag:
Ema's 55L Thursday Item February 10 2011

Hunt Gift: pants outfit:
Ema's Hunt Prize for Dark Katz Hunt February 10 2011

Free group gift: pants outfit:
Ema's Group Gift Harlequin kisses February 10 2011

Lucky Board gift: skin:
Ema's Lucky Board skin February 10 2011

55L Thursday: shirt with two different colored bras
without bra:
TC Top Sweet Candy Pink without bra February 10 2011

with black bra:
TC Top Sweet Candy Pink with black bra February 10 2011

Eyes: Plastik Vaecoll beauty pink
Hair: Truth Valerie treacle
Skin: Exodi Sylvan Nuit 2011 DK

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